Forming its name in Esperanto, the language of the world, ‘unu o unu’ — which translates as ‘one - unity’ — is a creative new initiative by German photographer Daniel Sannwald, aiming to bring together communities to look after vulnerable members of society.

The non-profit organisation will provide inspiring platforms and social groups for those in need, such as the elderly, prisoners and ex-drug addicts. The projects aim to create time to bring together various members of society for meaningful experiences.

The idea works on two levels; firstly, to foster social opportunities by running thoughtful, curated workshops together with vulnerable and isolated members of society as inspiring experiences; secondly, to create desirable well-designed products to be sold where all the profits from the sales will go back to each group.

Having worked with some of the most influential names over the years in the creative industry, Daniel Sannwald is enlisting respected artists across the fields of fashion and art for the innovative not-for-profit venture. Focusing on quality craftsmanship and tactile skills, he has selected print, textile and graphic designers as well as visual artists known for their strong expertise and artistic visions to create unique, tailored designs.

Over his recent years living in London, Sannwald had been volunteering at a charity running a befriending service for isolated members of the community, with mainly elderly and disabled service users. With funding cuts, they welcome Sannwald’s initiative to find creative solutions to raise funds. He is currently reaching out to other charities across London, and hopes to expand across the UK.

The logo for unu o unu is a woven basket - representing something simple that is produced all over the world, placed with the purpose of carrying beautiful and necessary things.